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About us

With more than 45 years of experience in the area of manufacturing, projecting and distributing freezing equipment Samifi International GmbH is your professional companion for all questions in respect to shock freezing equipment. The development of modern freezing technologies in those days started in the U.S. thus first freezing systems have been imported into Europe from there.

Which Freezing-System suits your needs?

... start the assistanceDifferent products require different freezing solutions. Our Online-Assistant will guide your through a first overview in order to find a Freezing-System that fits your requirements ... start the assistance
SAMIFI™ Platematic ASP
SAMIFI Platematic ASP details
PLATEMATIC ASP („All Shape Packages“) has overcome this situation, by combining the flexibility of air freezers with the efficiency of contact freezers. Such a step is made possible by a new patented system using a series of adjustable loading and unloading bars ... read more
SAMIFI™ Blockmatic
SAMIFI Blockmatic details
Our newly developed Samifi Blockmatic combines the intelligent technique of our automatic platefreezers with the price wise interesting, manually loaded, horizontal platefreezers. Depending on your capacities you can load by one loading device in sequence onto several horizontal ... read more
For more information on our Freezing-Systems and our services please click HERE .

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